Festival Agenda

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Day 1 - 15th October 2019

Day 2 - 16th October 2019

The session will focus on

  • Design and engineering
  • Project Management
  • Helping State Road Development Agencies

Despite the projects getting awarded to builders, construction faces delay due to lack of funds. Banks have started taking a backseat for long term financing with rising NPAs. The session will focus on:

  • consolidation & divestment of road assets
  • The new NHAI structure and how it will change road development
  • BOT, EPC, HAM & alternate financing options

Land acquisition and site availability

  • Road building methods and quality control
  • Disputes & Arbitration Shortage of manpower, machinery and material. Almost 40% shortage of skilled labour, fluctuating steel and cement prices and decrease in efficiency, all add up to the delay in completion of projects.
  • Stalled Projects - Solutions
  • Success Case study

Session IV: Rural Roads Ramp-up.

The Union Budget has allocated Rs 800 billion for 125,000 km of rural roads under the PMGSY. How profitable are these contracts? how speedily can they be executed? Special efforts & challenges faced by contractors?. The session will focus on:

  • On land acquisition and site facilitation
  • Operator training, equipment and material availability & deployment
  • Road Development in North East
  • Enabling an estimation of the carbon footprint of road construction activities
  • Reducing the carbon footprint goal of the government